Smart Tile Pro Tile Cleaner

 TilePro™ Tile Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner for all tile installations and general pool surface cleaning. It will clean grout haze and excess grout from the surface of tiles. Excellent for all new installations and repairs. Designed for all tiles including pool installations as well as showers, bath housesand lavatories.

TilePro™ Tile Cleaner is highly concentrated and can be used full strength or diluted with water for general purpose cleaning. It is most effective in tile cleaning by mixing with muriatic acid or low fume sulfuric acid which combine with TilePro™ to form a workable gel that can be used on all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

May be used for general cleaning of exposed tile above the water line, pool decks and copings to remove dirt, scum,lotion residue and body oils.

May be diluted with water and sprayed from a tank sprayer for general cleaning.

Excessive use in pools will cause foaming. Smart® TilePro™ is specifically designed for use by trained pool professionals and is the smart choice for all your tile cleaning needs.

Available in Gallons.