SMART #900 Phosphate Free Purple Cleaner Degreaser ( formerly Right Stuff )

#900 Smart Phosphate Free Cleaner is a high performance phosphate free purple degreaser for all commercial, institutional, industrial and household cleaning. It is highly concentrated for use in various cleaning projects. Excellent for use on all hard surfaces. Great for Kitchens, floors, walkways, Tile, bathrooms, lavatories, and more! Cleans and de-greases equipment, tools , rails, conveyors and all types of machinery. Excellent for use in commercial and institutional environments.

Concentrated Haevy Duty Formula:

Heavy Grease and Grime- Use as is.

Moderate Dirt & Grease- Mix 1 part 900 with 2 parts water.

Light Soil- Mix 1 part 900 with 5 parts water.

Available Sizes

Quarts( Spray ), Gallons, 2.5 Gallon, 5 Gallons