SMART #600 Oil & Grease Emulisifier ( formerly Right Stuff )

Smart #600 Oil & Grease Emulsifier is a Concentrated biodegradable high performance product made with the highest quality ingredients to promote rapid emulsification of dirt, grease and oil. Solubilizes grease and oil on contact, making it possible to easily rinse from the surface. Use anywhere grease or dirt is a problem. Not for use on aluminum or leather. Smart #600 is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe for most surfaces. For use on engine parts, equipment & tools, shop & garage floors, restaurants, farm equipment and numerous other tough cleaning jobs.

Available in 32 ounce spray, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.


Heavy Grease: Use as is.

Oils and Greasy Spills: 1 part 600 to 2 parts water.

Moderate Dirt & Grime: 1 part 600 to 3 parts water.

Light Soils: 1 part 600 to 5 parts water.