SMART #3200 MuriSafe Safe Acid Technology

Smart™ prep 3200 MuriSafe™ Safe Acid is a patented advanced new technology product that delivers all the benefits of typical Muriatic or Sulfuric Acid without the associated dangers or hazards. MuriSafe™ Safe Acid Etch & Clean delivers a safe and controlled etch on all masonry surfaces. It can clean and brighten all concrete, stone, tile and other hard surfaces. It is effective in removing rust stains from concrete and rust build up on all ferrous metals. It can effectively clean boat hulls, scum lines and is an effective tub & tile cleaner around the home and office.

  • NO FUMES -The safest and most effective way to etch masonry surfaces that are indoors, in basements or covered in any way.
  • Safer Than Traditional Pool Acids - Non Fuming - No Contact Burns on Skin - Effectively cleans and etches all masonry surfaces. Removes calcium build & rust stains.
  • Available in Gallons

Look at the complete range of surface cleaning and etching!  Plus... It does not corrode metal like regular Muriatic Acid!