SMART #1300 Aluminum Brightener & De-Oxidizer

Smart™ Prep 1300 Aluminum Brightener and De-Oxidizer
An innovative, specially designed product that cleans and de-oxidizes aluminum, brass and copper and removes rust stains.  Excellent for brightening unpainted aluminum window frames, railings, doors and other aluminum surfaces.  Will instantly remove rust stains from boat decks, painted surfaces and other smooth hard surfaces.

Suggested For:

● Cleaning and removing white oxidation from aluminum rails, frames and structural components.
● Removes rust stains from painted surfaces, boat decks and hulls.
● Brighten brass, and copper.
● Etch aluminum surfaces in preparation for applying paints and coatings.

Designed as a spray and rinse formula. Simply apply the Smart #1300 Aluminum Brightener to the surface by brush or spray.  Then rinse off with clean water.
For large projects, product can be placed in a plastic watering can and used to sprinkle on the surface. Little or no scrubbing should be necessary, however, a soft bristle scrub brush may be used.
Care should be taken not to work with this product over your head as that may cause splashes to get on your face or in your eyes.
Protect eyes and skin: Wear rubber gloves and eye protection.
This product will etch metals, glass, and marble surfaces.  Test product in a small inconspicuous are before use.

When using to etch aluminum before painting:

This product may be used for etching and cleaning aluminum surfaces before painting.  Apply product as stated above. Allow to remain on surface for 1-2 minutes, then rinse off with fresh water.
The longer the product remains on the surface the deeper the metal will be etched.  Test timing and desired etching profile in a small area before proceeding.